Real taste does not come from the shelf

Nuar App is a social shopping network for good food. Buy and sell real food to people who care about it as much as you do.

Today is the time to make a difference

Big tech for small players

All the tech capabilities that power the big players but adapted for limited time, efforts and budgets. 

Relationships, not transactions

Only people you know ant trust, no random passers-by. Grow by building your relationships – happy people is the best advertisment.

Variety over uniformity

Homegrown food is not a commodity. We expect seasonality, shifting quantities and availability.

Nothing wasted with pre-orders

With pre-orders, you can know the demand for first, only then harvest or make. No waste, always sold out.

How does it work?

Add your place to map

Get easily discovered by local shoppers and other places like you. Add people you like to your friends circle.

Send your friends an offer

Add your items and pickup details to collect pre-orders from your friends. It takes less than 30 seconds to send and you can create as many offers as you want. 

Prepare your items for pickup

Watch the orders come in while you prepare your items. All your orders can be found and managed in one place. 

Meet and hand over

Be it at your home, market stool or supermarket lot – meet the people who enjoy your food.

Why Nuar?

Modern food supply chain is forcing growers and food producers to choose quantity, uniformity and shelf life over taste and quality of our food. Over time, this resulted in depleted soil, damaged ecosystems and diminishing human health. 

We aim to stand with those who, despite the hardship, are standing against such pressure in their commitment to the health of their land and the taste of their produce. As a tech company, we are building tools that help them build their livelihoods.

We want to empower each and every individual to make better food choices for themselves, for the people around them and for the planet at large.

Soon in App Store and Google Play.


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